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Aspen Avionics

Aspen Avionics Evolution 2000 MAX

Aspen Avionics Evolution 2000 MAX

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MFD Versatility With Full PFD Backup

Clean up your panel and remove vacuum system and backups with optional external battery

The Evolution™ 2000 MAX combines the powerful, award-winning Pro MAX Primary Flight Display (PFD) and the MFD1000 MAX Multi-function Display (MFD) to provide a system with MFD versatility and twice the safety and redundancy.

The Pro MAX PFD and MFD1000 MAX provide the safety and confidence of PFD redundancy. If your PFD fails, simply press the REV button on the 1000 MFD and it becomes the PFD – converting into an identical backup right in your primary instrument scan. This PFD backup means less stress and potential confusion in a pressure situation. No other GA glass cockpit system gives you this level of redundancy and confidence at any price.

Aspen makes the total glass cockpit experience both easy-to-use and affordable with patented retrofit technology and superior compatibility for substantially lower installation costs and total cost of ownership.

Evolution 2000 MAX – exceptional versatility, unmatched redundancy.

  • Reduces cockpit clutter
  • Evolution 2000 system with optional external backup battery allows removal of your backups along with vacuum system
  • Vibrant aviation glass with the latest generation of processors
  • Simple and affordable MAX upgrade path for legacy Aspen displays
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