Jet Shades™ Solutions for Cirrus Aircraft

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Jet Shades™ Solutions for Cirrus Aircraft

An Innovative Solution to Hot, Sunny, Cirrus Aircraft Cockpits

This is the maximum Jet Shades package that will cool down your Cirrus flights, significantly increase the comfort of pilot and passenger, protect all on board from harmful UV radiation, reduce glare and pilot fatigueprevent overheating on your tablet and phone, make your Cirrus aircraft a real head turner on the ramp!


With this package installed in your Cirrus, you will want to fly your aircraft just because it is so nice inside.



The Total Cirrus Solution includes:


  • 2 Cockpit Door Jet Shades
  • 2 Passenger Window Jet Shades
  • 1 Windshield Jet Shade
  • 1 Storage Area Skylight Jet Shade
  • 1 Large Storage Case

Unlike foil aircraft sun shades, Jet Shades are removable tinted window panels and visors designed to block harmful UV and sun glare in your aircraft cockpit both DURING FLIGHT & WHILE PARKED!

Inspired by an engineer and private pilot who was always hot in the cockpit and wrestled with sun glare on him and the instrument panel in the hot Florida sun, Jet Shades solve the problem of hot, sunny cockpits that are uncomfortable for both pilot and passengers.

  • Blocks 99.9% harmful UV (See JAMA article on harmful effects of UV radiation for pilots)
  • Provides instant relief from solar energy
  • Reduces glare by 70% for better contrast and visibility on instrument panels, smartphones and tablet devices.
  • Minimizes eye strain and pilot fatigue caused by prolonged sun exposure
  • Maintains pilot & passenger comfort during high sun glare flights
  • Effortless removal with patented friction-tab design
  • Protects aircraft interior from cracking and discoloration while parked
  • Enhances ramp appeal by giving your aircraft a “tinted windows” look
  • Eliminates the need for removing and storing foil sun shades before and after flights

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