Jet Shades was founded by an engineer and private pilot who was always hot in the cockpit and wrestled with sun glare on him and on the instruments in the hot Florida sun.  When he was able to adjust the cockpit temperature to become comfortable, the passengers were too cold, and the sun glare persisted.

FAA regulations for aircraft cockpit windows mandate light transmission levels, which limits a manufacturer’s ability to add tinting to windows.  Stick on films and suction cups shades have been proven to damage windows.  Clearly, a new concept was needed that would provide the shade flight crews needed, without altering the cockpit windows.  The solution was to develop a quickly installed and easily removable tinted window panel inside the existing window opening.  After considerable research, numerous prototypes, and flight testing, Jet Shades were born.

Jet Shades can be made to fit most aircraft cockpit windows where there is a small recess of the window into the trim of the aircraft.  If you don’t see your aircraft on our site, please contact us to inquire about your aircraft.  Jet Shades are manufactured in the U.S.  Click Here to see all the aircraft you can purchase Jet-Shades for.

  • Removable tinted window panels custom-fit for your cockpit
  • Protects pilots from harmful UV and solar radiation while flying!
  • Reduces eye strain and pilot fatigue caused by sun exposure in cockpits
  • Optical quality polycarbonate delivers the clearest visibility both inside (instruments, devices) and outside
  • Blocks heat & glare for cool, comfortable flights in the cockpit
  • Prevents overheating & screen visibility issues on smartphones and tablets
  • Installs/removes in seconds with friction-tab design
  • Leave in on ground — No additional foil shields needed!
  • Cabin/passenger options available
  • Baron 55:
  • beechcraft-baron-55.jpg


        Cessna 172:



      Cirrus Aircraft:



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