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PS Engineering

PS Engineering PMA450C

PS Engineering PMA450C

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With the proliferation of Bluetooth® enabled devices in the cockpit and the ways pilots are using them, it was time to take the next step in connectivity with the introduction of the PMA450B/C.

More Bluetooth® capability than any other audio panel available today, When coupled with PS Engineering's innovative approach to audio control, this user friendly PMA450B/C gives more what the pilot wants from their audio panel, the central nervous system of their avionics suite.

This 3rd generation PMA450B/C has two completely independent Bluetooth® modules, giving unprecedented connectivity capabilities. The PMA450B/C has the ability to work like no other panel available. Stream to a digital video camera, hear Foreflight® alerts, make a phone call to ATC for your IFR clearance, you might even listen to your favorite tunes once in a while.

The PMA450B also adds PS Engineering's flightmate®. This integrated audio alert system gives the pilot the ability to hear alerts related to aircraft conditions. The PMA450C does not have flightmate® functionality, but retains the ability to have up to 5 unswitched audio inputs.

NOTE: Additional wiring to implement flightmate® is required when upgrading from either GARMIN* GMA340/GMA345 or PMA8000 series audio panels.

IntelliAudio® gives the pilot the capability to pay attention to the radio that is important to their flight at any one instant in time. This is accomplished by positioning the Com audio in the headset to sound as if it is coming from one of 9 unique positions. Just like being at a cocktail party surrounded by other guests, you are able to pay attention to the person who is telling you something important while ignoring the other conversations that aren’t.

The PMA450B allows the pilot to choose from 9 unique positions in for Com 1 and Com 2 within a stereo headset.

The PMA450C positions Com 1 at the 10 o’clock position while Com 2 is positioned at the 2 o’clock position, which is the default position for IntelliAudio®, and the one most used by pilots.

The 3 Soft-key user interface is unprecedented for audio control panels. With more and more capability provided by our audio panels, we found it necessary to make the access to these functions easier. If you can read English you’ll be able to get all of the capability from the PMA450B/C without ever having to open up the User’s Guide.

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