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PS Engineering

PS Engineering PMA7000H

PS Engineering PMA7000H

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The PMA7000H is the latest addition to the PMA7000 family, designed specifically for helicopter and other applications where large seat count and high end functionality at a relatively low cost of acquisition are required.

The PMA7000H has a total of 8 IntelliVox® (automatic VOX) passenger headset capability along with Pilot and Copilot seats. Additionally, the PMA7000H has Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) output as well as Push-To-Talk Intercom (PTT-ICS) function for pilot and copilot. Either PTT-ICS or IntelliVox® can be selected either my an external switch or by looping it to the AUX discrete output.

Warbird operators will appreciate not only the ability to have HOT-MIC but the 6 pole microphone filter provides the best in microphone noise canceling.

Like PS Engineering's original PMA7000M-S introduced in 1997, the PMA7000H has a sophisticated telephone distribution system. Using On/Off Hook Switches that can be distributed through the aircraft, the pilot or copilot can make a private phone call, the passengers can make a party line phone call, pilot and passengers, copilot and passengers, or everyone can be on the telephone system. Making this telephone distribution the original Phone Booth™ and Party Line audio distribution system for General Aviation.

The PMA7000H is the standard audio panel used in Bell Helicopter's new Business Class 429.

All of the capabilities that are in the PMA7000B are incorporated in the PMA7000H.
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