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Stratus 3 ADS-B Receiver

Stratus 3 ADS-B Receiver

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Stratus 3 by Appareo, the latest generation of aviation’s top weather receiver, is your everyday cockpit companion. Just turn it on and go flying - in minutes you’ll see subscription-free weather, ADS-B traffic, backup attitude, and GPS position right on your tablet. All this information at your fingertips will dramatically improve your situational awareness and help you make better in-flight decisions. Proven by millions of flight hours in everything from Piper Cubs to military fighters, Stratus is the portable avionics solution you can trust. And now it’s smarter than ever.     Low introductory price - save $200 over Stratus 2S without sacrificing features Auto shutoff - Stratus 3 automatically turns off after your flight, saving battery life Smart WiFi - use your iPad’s LTE connection with non-aviation apps while connected to Stratus 3 Improved WiFi security - hide network ID or add a password Open ADS-B - works with other electronic flight bag apps using GDL 90 protocol Receives new ADS-B products - view echo tops, lightning, icing forecast, turbulence forecast, Center Weather Advisories, and G-AIRMETs (coming soon) Supports synthetic vision traffic display - get a 3D view of nearby airplanes in ForeFlight Two year warranty - helpful, friendly service from our team of pilots  

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